You Always Have A Choice

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days of your life!

Nothing or nobody should spoil that for you!

You have saved up and looked forward to this special day for a long time.


One thing that some people overlook is the quality of the DJ and his equipment. Many people book a package deal (and why not!), it’s sometimes the easy way to do things, but sometimes you will find that’s not the case!

Hotels are sometimes only interested in profit (like the big supermarket chains) and therefore drive down the price of the stuff they buy in (including DJ’s).
It’s my honest view that some venues (not all) are not interested how good the DJ or his equipment are but how cheap they can get him, to maximise their profit, therefore reducing the quality and standard of the disco.
This can result in poor sound quality, very few disco lights (if any) and a sub-standard DJ who doesn’t have the right music and simply doesn’t know how to get the part going.

I have been a DJ for 27 years! My business is to please my clients and their guests. TD Entertainments offer options, so if you are on a tight budget you can have an industry standard disco but if you want a mobile night club that will thrill and excite your guests you can have it. You can choose from four levels, with options including ‘big’ Bose sound system, overhead gantry with digitally controlled scanners, moving lights, lasers, strobes, TV screens and much more!!!

Many hotels won’t tell you that you can upgrade and have a better quality DJ … Why? Because they don’t want you to know how much the DJ is getting paid by them when you are paying thousands to them!
So please be careful! Before you book a package deal with a hotel:

A – Find out whats included

B – Ask for a breakdown

C – Ask if you can bring your own DJ and deduct the fee (if not why not)

D – Ask who the DJ is and go and see him (ask lots of questions)

After all the evening reception and disco is the part of the day where you will have most guests.

The DJ is the only person who can make or break the night and you want too see a full dancefloor with happy guests, not an empty dancefloor and guests leaving early.

For more information about what we offer and why we are an award winning disco company visit


– Tony Dunn (Owner Of TD Entertainments)

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