How to save £££ on your wedding

Spent the day with 100s of people planning their wedding!

I must say it was a great day and spoke to some lovely people. One lady asked me outright if I thought she would be OK booking a package with a hotel. I told her to talk to the individual suppliers at the wedding fayre today and you’ll find they offer great service and value for money.

With a package deal many, perhaps not all venues are doing it to make money from suppliers for making a phone call, for example to the the DJ but it’s you that is getting exploited too.

Many venues charge you twice as much as they pay the DJ plus if you book small, independent suppliers then;

A). You get more control

B). You get better value for money because all of what you pay goes to them and they work hard to please you

C). Often you won’t have to pay VAT as the smaller suppliers aren’t VAT registered and to top it all you’re helping local businesses instead of big chains.

I understand it’s possibly easier but think about it. You are the ones that are important, not profit!

Thank you for reading this


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