Would you allow someone you don’t know to choose your wedding dress? NO!

If you had a wedding planner and they charged you £400 for your DJ then paid him £200 and kept £200 for themselves would you be happy? NO!

Would you book an all in package for your wedding without asking for a breakdown of costs and checking who the DJ is and what they would charge to go direct and if they are any good. Possibly YES!

When it comes to the evening of your wedding you want a party not a WAKE! You want a sound system not a HI FI, you want a DJ not a Dustman with hobby decks, You want what You want not what they want to play! The evening is the part of your wedding where you have the most guests and only one person making or breaking it THE DJ.

I am fed up of the venues making profit out of unsuspecting couples who want the wedding of their dreams!
It’s too late to complain about the DJ after the event!!
Book with confidence book TD Entertainments

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